Office Zagreb, Selska 112a, 10000 Zagreb


Sanja Sarnavka, since 1996 head of the program "Women and Media", from 2000 to 2009 Coordinator, then President of the Organization.  She runs the Human rights program. Professor of Comparative Literature and Yugoslav  languages and literature. Contact:

Zdravka Sadžakov, Political Science graduate, Coordinator of the Organization, in charge of organizational development and working with volunteers, head of Gender-based violence program. Contact:

Tatjana Repalust, economist, head of finance, patient champion in combinatorics. Contact:

Senka Sekulić Rebić, master of psychology. The psychologyst in Counselling Center, ready to "jump into" all other activities when needed. Contact:

Dajana Pul Bošnjaković, finishing Law School, head of the Office, coordinator of humanitarian activities and B.aB.e.! specialist. Contact:

Darija Marić, Sociology graduate, head of the project "We act localy, but clearly, competently and loud".

Đino Đivanović, graduate professor of Sociology and South slavic languages and literature graduate, attendant of program "Professional training for work".

Safe House of Vukovar-Syrmia County Office,

Ivana Sučić, associate - sociology graduate

Vjekoslava Morić, associate – social worker

Sandra Brkljač, associate – psychologist

Jevrosima Paunović, housekeeper


Europe House Vukovar, Ljudevita Gaja 12, Vukovar, Tel: 0800 949 119

Marina Fury, Master of Laws, head of the "Inclusion+Enjoyment=Employment" project.