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Revenge pornography

Revenge pornography is a popular name for intimate image abuse. Other term associated with it is non-consensual pornography. It is an intentional conduct aimed at the publication of sexually explicit content without the consent of the person on it.

The publication of intimate content without consent is usually preceded by the voluntary taping or sharing of intimate photos between partners at a time when the emotional connection and trust exist during the partner relationship. Images between partners were shared only with the intention that the intimate content will be then and forever intended for the partner and with the trust that such content will never be misused in the future. On the other hand, explicit image can be result of manipulation making it appear as though that person is engaged in sexual activities, and as such can be used for abuse.

This form of violence is most often used by ex-partners who want to "take revenge" for breaking up the relationship, which leads to feelings of fear, shame, anxiety and other negative emotions in the victim, the consequences of which can be so far-reaching that they can cause long-term suffering in the victim, which in some cases resulted in the suicide of the victim. In addition, intimate image abuse can also cause economic damage, for example in the workplace or education, which can manifest itself in the loss of employment or long term sick leave because victims often leave their environment, work or school due to the pressure and condemnation from that environment.

The abuser does not necessarily have to be a former partner, since videos and photos can be created without the knowledge of the victim, by recording in intimate situations, during sexual abuse or rape of a woman, at a time when the victim was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, by hacking the victim's device from which they can downloading photo and video materials that were not intended to be sent, but also using technology for manipulation (deepfake, editing). Posting fake footage can have just as devastating effects as posting real footage. Therefore, any person can be a victim of revenge pornography, regardless of their behaviour and possible history of partner relationships. Regardless of how the materials were created, all situations have in common that they are publicly published and shared without the consent of the person depicted. As for abusers, they typically act with the intent to embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, blackmail, extort money from the victim, and more.

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