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Swatting is an example of how ICT systems and emergency services can be abused for many types of behavior with a violent, physical impact on victims. Swatting is an emergency service fraud which is carried out by telephone call in order to send the police to a specific location based on a false report. The name comes from the acronym "S.W.A.T." (Special Weapons and Tactics unit in the USA) which are law enforcement units that have specialized training and may use military equipment. False reports include reporting murders in someone else's home, bomb threats and kidnapping. It can fall under a variety of crimes, such as making death threats, but it's not just prank phone calls: abusers commonly use fake caller ID, and some show sophisticated use of ICT means to make the calls appear to be coming from different places. The effect of S.W.A.T. intervention at the victims premises can be terrifying and dangerous and it can lead to death of individuals who can get killed by the response of special forces or suffer physical injuries such as gunshot wounds or heart attacks.

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